Marcus' haven

This is Marcus’ first haven that is now been converted into a place of work while Marcus lives in new york. the computer systems are being upgraded with all sensitive data being transferred to portable hard drives and deleted from the main servers. Marcus wishes to extend the arcane book site, and set up a small staff to turn it into a premier resource for all things arcane.The top floors are still going to be kept as a house for Marcus’ use whenever he visits or returns.

haven facilities
my haven is a modern building round in shape with windows all around. The building is raised up in a hill, surrounded by trees so you can Looking Our at any point and see tree tops. Underneath this it has extensive basements its here that I and my servant live and here my personal servers can be found. Has a separate garage with an underground tunnel connecting it to the house.

the room at the top of the house is reached by a path up the hill. it contains a number of settees and has four projecters and screen that can be lowered and be used ether as home entertainment screens or computer monitors. in the room there are usually a few tablet PC’s slaved to the house system to access the house servers or control the monitors.

Computer systems
map table

Marcus' haven

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