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Welcome to the Orphanage

Camarilla justice is like its politics, a veneer of civility lies over something fundamentally bloody and raw. In the space of a single night five kindred are sent to their final death by a Prince’s decree. Each of the deceased had a Childe, apparently ignorant of their sires’ designs. These the Prince pronounces orphans, cursed by their blood ties to the guilty and unfit for his city. In a fit of suspicious magnanimity the Prince decides to allow their continued existence, not as residents of his domain but as exiles to a domain of his choosing.

Santa Carla

The so called ‘Cursed Orphanage’ of the Prince’s decree is located in a large town called Santa Carla, the domain of a mysterious and powerful Autarkis. Threatened by Sabbat aggression from Mexico, the meddling of nearby Camarilla domains and also rumoured to have a large lupine population, this makes it a challenging place to survive.

New York

After failing to die amidst the blood and carnage of the Blood Knives attack the Orphans seek a new home.
Having earned the support of the Don of Santa Carla the ‘Orphans’ are offered a chance to migrate to New York city. A place of upheaval and danger whose risks are gilded by the rare opportunity for the young and the displaced to carve a domain in a major metropolis.

Main Page

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