Santa Carla vampires

The Don ( local elder )
The don is the nominal leader of the kindred of Santa Carla. not much is known about him apart from the fact that he is old and powerful. He believes in personal freedoms of the kindred and so does not meddle in the affairs of the other kindred in the area unless they give him cause. some how he has made a deal with the local werewolves so that there is an uneasy truce between them in his domain. He can be found most night in the local park but prefers not to be disturbed unless there is a very good reason. he also seems to have an unhealthy habit of watching the dawn from the roof of a local hotel. he is not one to cross.

Occult Booking seller
She is a very enigmatic vampire. she obviously has great knowledge, knowledge seems willing to share with those who she deems worthy, why else would she own a book shop. other kindred in the area have warned me about her saying that she has somehow changed her blood. i don’t know what they mean but its obvious that they are a little in awe of her. I have yet to meet another kindred who shares my thirst for arcane knowledge, i hope i can learn from her.

TW is a male Nosferatu who lives in and around Santa Carla. He has black eyes and seems to be able alter dimensions or at least our perception of them. he has some problem with the book seller.

the old caretaker of the cinema is obviously more than he at first appears. his clan is unknown. he is very concise, and educated, and has strong lecturing skills. He will protect cinema with his life if need be. He is of the old blood what ever that means

V. Angela
Female, young for her age extravagant. Fond of old stories and drama. has to sleep in the soil of her home. Which is a vampire weakness of some clan i have heard but not sure which. Good host in the in the old way but also a deadly host in the old way. Is of the old blood. Owns nightclub called scarlet lips.

Santa Carla vampires

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