Lisa (Seiji)
Lisa is a quack doctor specializing in home remedies and the like. on the surface this seems to simply be a ready method of feeding but having seen her work her unique powers i am no longer sure. She has a third eye in the center of her forehead that seems to be able to heal physical wounds, this is not a vampire power to which i am familiar and bears further study. She has demonstrated a very strong sense of smell, she possibly possess the discipline of Auspex if true it will be a useful field of study in the future. Lisa has proven on more than one occasion that she is not adept at any form of combat and seems to possess no offensive disciplines this begs the question of what powers does she have and what are their nature.

Moon-flower (Ruth)
Moon-flower fits the stereotypical toreador artist. she is obviously very accomplished in her art and her personal wealth rivals my own. Strangely for a toreador she does not seem to like to be the center of attention preferring to remain in the back ground, this is usually more of a venture trait and at odds with her clans powers. she seems to prefer Gothic architecture in her havens and has a retainer who has recently become a Ghoul and so may need help with dealing with that breeds particular quirks. From observing Moon flower the only active power that i have seen her use is celerity, a power she seems to prefer to use in a defensive manner.

She recently set up a club in our new domain, it is a Gothic themed club, i have invested some money into the club as i fell it will be a good source of income and my become influential in expanding our domain.

Micheal Vaughn (Joe)
Micheal is an elusive and secretive a kindred as they come. his motivations and powers are completely unknown. he seems to prefer the use of mortal weapons if this is as a way of protecting his personal secrets or some personal preference is not clear. the only information that i have uncovered on him so far is that he has a link with a police officer in Santa Carla, and uses a law firm for most of his business dealings.

Amy Shelton (Jenny)
Amy is a kindred unlike any i have ever encountered her physical appearance in striking but also unnatural in some way, that i cannot put my finger on. Amy bears watching as she has access to powers that are unlike any i have encountered before, she has some form of runic magic that causes disorientation in those who view her. when the arcane bookseller first encountered her threw salt to her.The only other real fact about her that i have noticed is that she seems to be able to soak a large amount of damage which suggests she has some discipline for this it may be useful to learn.

she has a link with the local Gothic scene in our new domain. this may be useful in establishing Moon flowers club.


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