A young, dark haired woman who wears comfortable cloths and prefers to wear a bandanna or headscarf on top of her head to cover her forehead.

Has a tendency to wear clothing which is sensible, with boots as footwear, trousers and long sleeved shirts with sleeveless vests. Relatively bland cloths in all.

Hunting style:
  • Feeding Style: Manipulation & Etiquette, Expression or Subterfuge
  • Homeless people: soup kitchens & free medical checkups to get her to feed.
  • Clients ()
  • Blood dolls ()
Health Level Penalty Bashing Lethal Aggravated
Hurt -1
Injured -1
Wounded -2
Mauled -2
Crippled -5
  • Domain gifted: Brooklyn ‘County of Kings’, a small graveyard. plans to develop, but some undesired attention from the local media. If can remove from the problem, can give permission.
    • Reporter: Arnold Sebastian. New blood (Graduated 2 years ago), no indication why he came here. Treats cemetery with respect & sympathy (causes local feel). Local boy, minor irritation of his reporting of the event. Very skilled writer. Writes about what he cares about.
      • Newspaper: some stories on supernatural incidents, mostly a local paper.
      • Story: ‘Genuine’ Ghost hunter claims to have found attempts to summon ghosts in cemetery. Bloodstone present (several hundred dollars worth). Real kit.
    • Cemetery: 2 Churches in Graveyard (Old church went up in flames). 2 families prevented the churches from being rebuilt ( Mac-Auleys and the Hammell).
      • Considered safe place for teenagers and young people, relatively clean, good police patrolling.
      • Local Religious community is reasonably active.
      • Local Ghost: several ghost stories interwoven into 1. Many claimed to see a ghost there.
    • Mac-Auleys and the Hammell: wealthy families who have invested much of area (past 180 years). current ~40 family units.
      • Lawyer firm: owned by Families.
    • The Obsidian Scarab: Gentleman’s occult society, based in Boston. Address given. Initially well received as invested in good areas.
      • Satanic Cultists kidnapped a rich child & was stopped from sacrificing her (during buildup to WW2). Wore Fezz’s and lots of ritualistic paraffinelia. Officer: M.R. Hammel in charge of case.
  • Vampires Known:
    • Grey: vampire who’s territory Amy fed in.
  • Domain Information: Not a very large domain.
  • Can feed off people without causing a stir, but regularly overfeed & people will take notice.
  • Improve Feeding:
    • Entice humans from outside domain (e.g. nightclubs)
    • Change haven to be a place where more homeless are likely to want to come.
  • Neighbours
    • Harold ‘Harebane’: runes a lot arcades in terretory to attract young morals.
  • Medical Practitioner Identity: Dr. Sarah Wilbourn
Vampires Known:
  • Sanura. Setit vampire. Informed Amy of vampire group hired to kill us. “Not one to taste of the Bitter Rose”, “Old blood”. Can contact by dropping off letter at place where Amy met her.
  • Giselle Heyward (Ghoul): Originally receptionist/assistant in clinic. Recovered from Ghoul kidnapping and helped. Now full time help.
Misc Plans:
  • Gain Knowledge of Vampire customs: mingle in local Neonate Elysium. Bring Giselle there from time to time.
  • Gain Nosferatu contacts: gain some contacts with the city’s information brokers. see if any deals can be made.


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